Monday, July 30

5 wonderful things

I have been a little more than preoccupied lately.

It's been a difficult time. Work has been mental, my happy home life has been anything but, and I have been neglecting my health and fitness. Needless to say i have put on MORE weight, which doesn't actually make living life in the gay lane any easier.

The last 2 weeks have been particularly heinous. I got dragged in front of the GLA (Greater Londo Authority) becasue a schme i worked on failed planning because if insufficient play proviion. I was shattered that i had obviously fucked up so bad. Until i realised that it was because the guidance had changed in the time we had lodged the planning submission and the LM was just being "diligent" in regards to his brand new policy...

Then I had to go to Cyprus to present a masterplan scheme which I really needed to have dome a bit more work on, so i got a bit kaned.

The sense of working 70-80 hour weeks and still being behind the 8 ball really sux. Its obvious that there is a little too much on my plate right now.

In any case, today i had a good day. So in celebration I bought a bottle of champers, and would like to share with you the 5 good things that happened to me today.

1. I woke up without a hangover feeling refreshed and like I had had a good sleep. It's really something rare nowadays. Mum, it's not really - this is just poetic licence...

2. I found 3 new friends on facebook from Australia - I might just admit that I'm a little obsessed. Tell me, who isn't?

3. I actually had time today to finally lodge my expenses. I might actually be able to pay my credit card ths month.

4. I got a lovely card and photo of Jane and Adilsen from their wedding recently - if you recall, my dad had to give their speech - Im sad I missed the wedding, but so glad that I have at least 1 picture of SOMEONE from my family now.

5. I swam 70 laps at the Queen mother pool. This is only 1.75km, but considering I havn't swum ANY laps in over 8 months, I'm pretty happy about that.

So now im having a glass of champers and salad for dinner. Maybe this will be my staple diet for the next few months. Maybe i'll just do the champers.



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