Saturday, August 4

5 things that annoy me about the tube today

1. people who 'plop' down on the seat next to you with their full weight sending you flying huckleberry hound style out of your chair.
2. placing your waterbottle/used paper/chocolate bar wrapper/kfc bag behind me on the window cill is not only litter, it's intrusive and rude. trash is what trash is, and you should know.
3. permed hair.
4. luggage during peak hour. mm i believe that i have touched on this before. the annoyance of tourists in peak hour is bad enough when they crowd the doors with thier cases or packs, but when the train pulls onto the platform and the doors open, this is not the cue to step off the carriage and stop, look around for the exit/partner right behind you/waterbottle/piece of your common sense you dropped on the floor etc. look around you, idiot, there are 10 thousand people trying to get on and off this train. just MOVE IT!
5. people who step on my shoes while I'm sitting. um, my feet are taking up this piece of floor right now. I KNOW the carriage is full, but i have to put my feet somewhere too, and although i can get them behind my ears, now isn't really the right time, and besides, you're wearing the wrong cologne.



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