Tuesday, January 8

Happy new year BLOGGERZ!!!


I've been so preoccupied with Facebook that my relationship with this lovely pussy page has soooo been neglected.

Well, one of my many new year's resolutions (of which there are many, all about me) is to ensure that I blog more often. Because, it's probably the most selfless thing in my life that I do.


So getting in last night from a FOUL 30 plus hour long haul flight from Melbourne, Aust-twaiw-ia, I find myself awake at 3.00am pondering life's little mysteries, like, how those little plastic collar stiffeners ALWAYS manage to clog up the lint filter in the washer, facebooking like crazy and downloading my favourite episodes of Jamie Summers on utorrent.

Waiting for the offie downstairs to open so i can get some bread for some toast. Either that or its leftover biriani.

Mrs Pussy has had her own adventure whilst we've been gone, but I will let her tell you all about it herself. Needless to say, she looks red carpet, Oscar gown ready!


ciao for now.

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