Friday, August 24

Attack of the Krispy Kremes

As I hurtle underground to get back to my fabulous new Sony Vaio and the treasure trove of delights within facebook, I am sharply reminded by the strain against my belt by my fabulously rotund Porte cochere that it has been another day away from the gym.

In synch with the horror of my rapidly evolving apron, I am starting to feel like I'm letting team gay down by getting a little portly. i guess if the weather had been better I might not feel so much like I was still in hibernation. all excuses I know.

What I cant abide though are people who have birthdays and feel the need to bring to work not one but two! BOXES of Krispy Kremes for afternoon tea.

So on top of last nights bangers and mash I now have 2 fat filled donuts to work off. Thanks a lot Mr Krispy you big nasty fatty Krispy thing you.

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Anonymous ThatGuy said...

I work in an office that is overwhelmingly female - so it seems like every day there is a celebration of some kind—birthday, wedding shower, baby shower, new job sendoff, etc—and they all involve cakes or sweets. I hav no problem passing up the desserts, but I do resent the comments I get for not partaking - especially coming from extremely overweight people whom I often hear moaning about their weight or lack of a husband/boyfriend. It's proven that most people give in to eating high fat, high sugar foods when they are under stress—and who doesn't feel stressed at the office? So, I sign the card, I send a congratulatory email and steer clear of the break (tea) room when I know sweets are there - especially Krispy Kremes—they have an evil power all their own! ; -)

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