Friday, August 24

The Pointer Sisters - Automatic

This one is dedicated to Ryan who I just know will be SO jealous to see that he wasn't the first person to do high kicks at the disco.

This is just SO camp. One of my favourite songs ever, and a regular on my ipod playlist. Just check out the audience moves.


Anonymous Dane said...

OMG! This is so fabulous! I especially love the outfits! Only in the mid eighties could you turn all that tafetta into a dress/coollots and get away with it. Or even rip the bottom half of a ballgown off to make it into a mini! Pure genious! And does anyone else think that the lead singer could have actually been a Pointer Brother? That deep voice makes me think if we zoomed in there would be an Adam's apple trying hard to pop out.

9:24 am  
Blogger Ryan said...

Why did everyone in the 80's dance like they were wearing a neck brace?

I did NOT see any highkicks in the audience, and you can bet i was watching closely. I did however see a lot of people who were desperately trying to be noticed. Attention whores.

While im here, check out my blog @

Love your work ed!

xo Ryan

5:15 pm  

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