Thursday, July 20

Well, its very hot in London, and I'm swealtering. Can you believe there is no airconditioning and little to no refrigeration. Daddy is very hot, and cant even keep his diet cherry coke cool. Daddy often complains about having a headache but it might be because of the warm beer. But it also might be about the 10 hundred million people all trying to catch the tube at once.

Auntie Chantal said I was a whinger and I sould be more appreciative of my opportunity to experience new cultures and lifestyles. Well I am settled in now, and even venturing out side in the night time to play with the squirrels.

Daddy's are off to Canada on Monday. Auntie Fiona will look after me and keep me fed and watered whilst those two dirty skanks get up to no good at the games.



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Thursday, July 13

Dreaming of the Queen

Well after a trip to Windsor to visit the monarch, I was very tired. I have to sleep alot you see, except when dad is sleeping, then its play time and jump on heads time.

See dad and dad at the castle visiting the queen. I mean really. Is that what they brought me here for?

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prrr prrrr prrrrr prrrr

well, its been a few weeks since ive purred. Life has been pretty hectic since Dad popped me on an airoplane and shipped me off to London. I mean, really, did I have to come too?

Im now living in sunny London, and there are squirrels and butterflies and all sorts of beetles to play with. Daddy is giving me lots of attention and feeding me lots too. So the tummycurtins are getting more like drapes right now....

But Im back to my old antics. I especially like it that it gets light at 4.00am, so thats when I get up and start getting my revenge on Dad.....heheh no sleep for him!