Wednesday, May 30

Coming out insurance



Tuesday, May 29

AAAAANNNND it's back to me..

So I have been off to the USA for a week. Did you miss me? I Just got back yesterday and I seem to have a rather full notebook of "observations".

Funnily enough, most revolve around food.

But none that I put on about 5 pounds.

But I did have a good time. I got to the Grand Canyon, a party at the Bellagio in Vegas, and best of all, 6 flags amusement park in LA where Marie, my oldest and dearest friend in the world ever and I rode around on the roller coasters for a day. Because the park was pretty empty, we got to sit at the front most of the time. It was awesome. A particularly funny evening entailed going to a club full of Filippinos and afterwards walking along Hollywood boulevard, a little drunk on saturday night, asking people on the street if they knew who the names on the stars were. Well, I thought it funny. No one else really got the joke.

ho hum...


Monday, May 14

Monday monday

na naaa
na na naaa naaaaaa

Im feeling better today, even though it is a monday, I have a SPLITTING headache and have taken the day of work to go to the doctor for some referrals.

My sweetheart friend from well, baby time, Jane, who in family terms is like a sister, got married yesterday in Sydney, and I missed it. Sent a message, a gift etc. but I wasn't there. I feel sad about that.

Also my Uncle Derek died last week which is devastating to the family and I'm really feeling for Auntie Sheila right now. He was such a lovely man, fit, healthy and strong. SO unfair.

Being so far away, I now really feel what its like and is going to be like missing important family milestones. I can only now really appreciate how hard it must have been for my mum and dad moving to Australia 40 years ago.

I feel for my Dad right now, who through being such a totally awesome man, seems to always have the honour of being the toastmaster, MC, speechmaker. He is the man you want to stand up at your wedding to say the most amazing things. Lucky Jane to have him there to bring everyone together. Sadly his gig rolls on tomorrow to bury his friend.

I love you and miss you Dad.

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Friday, May 11

What are friends for?

I don't think anyone has been as shocked as me at the difficulty I seem to be having here in London in making new friends.

Far from this being a total 'termsofendearment' style misery fest, no, I think its important for me to express my frustration at the few things that have made me the pshychotic mess that I seem to have become. And because all you loving caring friends that I do have in Cyber Space care so much about me, well, you're going to have to endure a little bit of cyber therapy.

So here goes.

1. I work too hard, and I'm totally terrified that they're going to soon discover that I havn't got a clue what I'm doing.

This occupies way too much of my energy, which, when I do get the chance to socialise, I find myself not particularly engaged in anything or anyone.

2. I miss my friends in Australia too much - they're a hard act to follow, and at my age, I figure, what's the use anyway?

3. I have tried to make friends on Gaydar, much to the fella's amusement and ridicule, and although I have made inroads into some lovely peoples lives, these relationships are still very infant, and I'm acutely aware that we met, well, on gaydar.

4. The fella is having a great time and making new friends, socialising having quiet dinners with new friends without me etc...and there's nothing worse than being miserable for a reason that the nearest person to you doesn't really understand.

5. I drink too much, which, on top of all this shit doesn't make anything any better.

All I know, Is I'm pretty miserable right now, which i dont think even my trip to the USA next week will fix.

SO I'm thinking of taking myself off to the shrink for some lessons in social behaviour 101. Who knows, perhaps I might come away with some pretty pink pills.

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Thursday, May 3

A load of old rubbish

It seems that our enlightened government here in great Britain want to do away with the weekly rubbish collection and collect fornightly instead. Their argument; to force people to recycle more.

What better way to divert ones attention from war in Iraq, the headscarf debarcle in schools, the Burqha, soaring gang violence in inner London and the impending resignation of the Prime Minister than to plunge us all head first into our own filth.

But to Tony's credit, he is defending the weekly collection as an important cultural institution that should be preserved.

Well, Tony, thats right. But don't, please think that it's the pathos of culturul whimsy that keeps us neat and sanitory. Lest we forget the plague, the filth of Georgean England before the mighty sewer, and those years under Thatcher. No ideed, Tony, most of the civilized, and even uncivilized earth places the sanitation of it's cities pretty high up on the list of critical services. Even the Faveals of Rio de Janeiro have sanitation.

What irks me the most about this debate is the fact that we're being forced to recycle more. I'm all for recycling, hell, I would recycle everything and just about everyone around me given half the chance. But really, when the council only collects newspaper and glass bottles, what options are there? In OZ, you can recucle just about everything, and the big mighty truck comes around once a week and even sorts it for you. And this is just a standard council service. Can you imagine what they would charge here for that?

The recycling truck comes around once a fortnight here in Brent Council. we have one small plastic bucket that services the recycling needs of 6 people in our 2 apartments.

You do the math.

Mum, if I die of Botulism or tetanus or dyptheria or dengue fever, because our overpaid and underworked whining council idiots stop collecting our potato peelings and used tea bags, you have my permission to write a VERY STERN LETTER.


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