Saturday, August 23

Tighten the belts

The paper says we're officially in a recession now. Well, I can say then that I'm glad I just sold my house for a tidy profit.

And I guess this is the wrong time to have a barnie with the boss, hey.

So I think I might start investigating different ways to tighten the belt, in a new special edition recession blog. I mean I am half Scot after all, and us kilt wearing folk DO know how to squeeze that last drop out of the Coolabah 2L Moselle flask.

Friday, August 22

The Miracle of Science

So I passed by this place in Goodge street the other day, ok a bit out of my usual London journey. And there were all these chinese athletes milling around.

I am a bit of an Olympics lover, so my interest was piqued, to say the least.

Aren't youse meant to be training for the greater glory of the empire?

Well, they were getting their eyes done at the lasic surgery. Just to be at our best, one of them told me.

OOOh, me too?

So I got my eyes done.

MY GOD it hurt. but i can see now, and im sure im going to win a gold medal somewhere...