Saturday, September 29

Alison Arngrim

OMG how much did you just LOVE Nelly Oleson!

Friday, September 14

Free Schapelle

Guilty or innocent,

this has got to be in breach of some kind of convention.

really appalling here.


Monday, September 10

SpiderPig FULL version! (from simpsons movie)


Blogger Buzz

" a top up?"

" oh go on"

After a couple of beers with my favourite work collegue, Celia, I'm sitting in my living room on a Monday night being accused by my flatmate Fiona as being a Scrabulous jinx.

Celia and I have been chatting about being god parents and the new wage structure of the tube drivers. Can you belive that they earn £37 K plus 10 weeks holiday?

What am I doing with my life?

AH Fiona has gotten onto Scrabulous and beaten me to death with "PONG".

My previous word was "RAVE".

We're a classy lot.


Sunday, September 9

Duran Duran - Careless Memories

Who's the hot model in this clip? anyone know?

Friday, September 7

Strike, you're out

Perhaps yesterday was an omen. 'Don't go on the tube' it warned 'your life will be irreversibly ruined'... I'm sure I checked my horoscope on facebook this week and there was no mention of the tube strike, nor did it sage on the mega pain in the arse everyone who commutes in London will no doubt be enduring right now.

I wonder whether its worth actually going back over the last few days of horoscopes and seeing if at any time. any of these soothsayers soothed how fucked off we're all likely to be by the end of this week.

I read somewhere this afternoon that we could be looking at this lasting a couple of weeks. And what's friggen Ken doing about it? hmmm? The mayors office is strangely quiet for a change.

Seriously though, I would sack the lot of them, these tfl bunch. There are enough willing workers in London and the Brits sadly are a lazy mob. In fact I wouldn't mind paying the ninety pounds my monthly ticket cost me if I knew that the person who was driving me at a million miles an hour through to bowels of this great city actually enjoyed his job as much as I loved mine.

So now we're all catching the bus home. All together, all at the same time.

Really, there is only one decent method of travel in London, and it's called the Black cab.

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The shitty week begins...

The shitty week begins.

So life goes on huh? I guess it does. Not content with having to work on Sunday, today I seem to be unnaturally anxious about my job, my life, my relationship, and increasingly, my sanity.

After a lovely afternoon where we had a couple of drinks at the absolut ice bar (yes, complete with thermal ponchos, mittens and glasses made of frozen water in which a caccophony of crisp cocktails spat and sizzled) and a brief dance along the masala mile that had transformed Regents street, we found ourselves yet again languishing beer in hand outside the sticky windows of Rupert Street in Soho.

My natural instinct in these situations is to be completely obsessed by the passing trade, after drinking a skinful, talking and gesticulating wildly to anyone and everyone who will listen, about a myriad of topics that generally revolve around me. I think this instinct comes from years of drunken laneway recovery parties in Sydney, with the divine Miss H by my side, conducting vox pops and stealing peoples party whistles and glow sticks, covertly disposing of them in the name of all things good and decent. There should be a safety warning in all bars and clubs around the world regarding serving me beer.

So back to yesterday, and on this particularly heady afternoon full of beer, yumcha and vodka, I launched myself upon the unsuspecting crowd of like minded Sunday revellers hovering expectantly like hungry bees around the open doors of the soho honeypots.

What I didn't expect was to run into a lovely couple whom we had befriended over a year ago in Montreal whilst attending the cities gay pride parade. We had spent many fun hours with these lovely boys in various bars around Montreal during our two week holiday there, and seeing them on the street in London was such a treat, even though it felt like no time had passed at all.

'Right' says me 'I think it was my shout' ....

I so wish this morning was as delightful.

Awakened to the tickles and purrs of the little Mrs Pussy Tummycurtins, After the busiest sleep imaginable, my lateness in getting out the door was soon after rewarded by a hideously crowded tube where in a last ditch attempt to jump between carriages to get a seat, I found myself quite embarrassingly tripping over the threshold onto the platforms as the doors slammed shut and the train breezed off without me on it. I swear someone laughed and waved to me too. Bitch.

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