Saturday, September 6

The EYES can see

My small panda like cat often says to me,

"Daddy, am I pretty?"

Well, hun, I paid a small fortune to bring you from Australia to the England. I wouldn't have bothered if you looked anything like one of those plus twelves in the latest Kate Moss Collection.

But back to me. I can see.

And I can see you.

Lasic surgery is not for the faint hearted. For starters, it costs alot. And when you get it done, it smells.

Then when the anaesthetic wears off it hurts.

But after the small discomfort, its the best thing you would ever do.

I can see ....

And I can see you. And EVERYTHING inbetween.

Election time

The race for the US presidential office is really a no brainer, it would seem.

I mean, who's going to vote for Moose and Squirrel?